Specialized Equipment

You've come here looking for a radio no doubt. There's a bit more here as well. Our efforts have evolved over 35 years to where they are now: identifying the best use of technology with respect to lighting, radio communications, available battery chemistries, and other items that have not kept apace of the times. We appreciate the specialized needs of members of communities who operate in periglacial environments such as formally trained AT Skiers, Sledders, Adventure Racers and Search and Rescue specialists. Because our vocations are also in those fields, it puts us in a privileged position to address their needs. Most of the services and products on this site are too advanced, and not suitable for recreational purposes.

However, after you watch the video on the bottom of this page, you wil come to understand how we also respect that untrained use of the products on this site can result in risk to the user and their stakeholders. Most of the products and skills required to use them are only to be used by qualified specialists. Because of that, much of the technical product information and documentation can become tedious and time consuming to work through. Often the clients require pre-sale support or we may notice anomalies which give rise to concern and necessitates we have to initiate further consultation before we can ship. This can conflict with an end user expectation of being able to place items in a shopping cart after browsing for a few minutes. We'd recommend individuals who are looking for recreational grade consumer items to use on weekend outings would be better served by other e-commerce sites such as MEC, but everyone is welcome to contact us.


Hard to find items

The items listed on the sidebars are merely examples of what were carried on those trips due to them being superior in nature to commonly found items on the shelves at your local outfitter. Once we find something that we think surpasses the common, it gets SKU'd up here because you're going to have a hard time finding it elsewhere.

* You will note as your browse this site that there is a big style difference between some of the pages. That's because we are in the process of doing a page by page overhaul of the site to make it easier to navigate, and 'responsive' for tablets and smart phones. As we may actually be working on the site while you are navigating it, you might even find that when you go back to a previous page, it has changed. If you visit often, you should clear your browser's cache before each visit.