Ordering via email

Send us an email with the items you need to see if there is stock. If you arrange to pickup locally, do not use the shopping cart on the website because it will charge shipping (and PST if you are in an applicable province). We need your your Phone Number. Important note: We cannot ship your order without a phone number for you. Once we have decided on what you are getting, you will be sent payment instructions, and an invoice for your review. Review the invoice first. If it looks correct, then you can follow the payment instructions and complete payment. Once your payment is processed, your order will ship, or local pickup arrangements can be arranged.

Payment: There are three payment methods available for Canadian orders. Interac, cheque, or cash. Net terms are available for established accounts. Interac is the most used method. If this is new to you, for more information on how to use it, see this link. Paypal may be available for US Orders.

We mainly ship via Expresspost at the actual cost. We have and do ship to the USA as well. Local pickup is also OK - by appointment only. Bus may be used in exceptional circumstances during the winter. During summer in our tourist dense demographic it is not practical to ship via bus as you often have to stand in line for quite a while, and it is incredibly expensive as well. We must collect HST from HST participating provinces. However, if you want to arrange local pickup in or make private arrangements (which we can help with), then we need to talk *before* you order the radio. Do Not place the products into the shopping cart on the website if you want to do this as it will charge you HST and shipping. We often have other orders going to the same area and we are happy to help clients consolidate their orders by putting them in touch with one another. By 'talk' email is best. If you phone you will get voice mail, and if you do not leave a message with a call back number and a few details so we know you are not trying to send us to the wrong polling station, you will be calling back for a long time before you can talk to someone.