Base Connectors

Our rubber ducks and telescoping metal antennas are designed with a removable base system so that one antenna can fit a variety of base mounts as illustrated below. This design allows the user to use the same antenna between different brands of radios by having the base that is appropriate for each radio. However, as mentioned elsewhere, we do not exist to service the HAM radio segment, so as most SAR and Professional Guides do not use Baofeng (or similar) hobby radios, we canot speak to the fit you may get on any radio that is not from Wouxun or Anytone. Therefore, the fit may not be cosmetically perfect (see image in sidebar which shows a Baofeng BF-F8HP with this fit). Please use the images below and the base connector chart to make sure you are satisfied this will work. In the example below, it shows an antenna with the SMA-F base screwed on (bottom), then with it detached, then at the top, a UHF rubber duck with no base. So on these, you'd have the option of moving the SMA-F from the middle antenna to the top one, or placing a different base such as an SMA-M that Yaesu uses, or an MX for an Icom.
SMA-F SMmley base

We do not sell antennas based upon matching an antenna to a certain make and model of radio. In other words, if you send a note and ask for an antenna that will fit an ICOM F1000t, I cannot help because I do not have a sample of that radio to field test the antenna on. I cannot ascertain the suitability of our bases for a particular model of radio even if someone sends me a picture. I can however, sell an antenna that has a base on it, such as the MX shown below, that probably fits the ICOM, but it is up to the buyer to ascertain which base they want. For example, see the warning on note #2 below as an example of where an MX base connector will mechanically fit, but still not work properly on certain models of Motorola radios.

There are connectors to facilitate mating Motorola, Tempo, Standard, Wilson, RCA, Repco, GE and other transceivers using BNC, TNC, MX, SMA, or PL-259 connectors. The following charts illustrate which types of base connectors are available for the antennas that we sell:

BNC Base

Handheld scanners, telemetry boxes, and older style mount not used much on modern equipment.
 - V8, V80, V80E, V82, V85
KENWOOD - TK100, TK210, TK300

TNC male: for older Wilson. Tamaphone. Motorola public safety.

for Pace/Pathcom. Most mobiles and others requiring PL-259.

ICOM - FASC24V, C25U, C25V, C55V, C56V, C57U, C57VS, CAT190, F25, F22, F11, F14, F16, F24, F33GS, F43GS, F43TR, F70O, F80, F21, F21S, F30GT, F40GT
MOTOROLA - P50, P100, P110, P200, P210, XTS1500, XTS2500, XTS3500, XTS5000, CP150, CP200, EX600, GP68, GP300, GP320, GP330, GP338, GP340, GP360, HT600 HT750, HT1250, MX1000, PR400, PRO5150, SP50
ICOM - F3001, F4001, F3011, F4011, F3021, F4021, F3031, F4031, F3101D, F4101D, F3161, F4161, F3261D, F4261D, F9011, F9021, F4002
KENWOOD - TK100, TK210, TK300

SMA Male

ALINCO - EA 94, EA 142, EA 154, DJG7T, C7T, V57T, V5T
YAESU - FT60R, FT250R FT270R FT277R, VX2R, VX3R, VX5R, VX6R, VX7R, VX8R, VX160, VX17000, VX177, VX180FT
ICOM - M88, 58U 74U, 61V, 6270D, 62VS, 63VS, 64VS, 65VS, 67VC, F50, F50V, F60, F60V, ID31A, ID31D
VERTEX - ATU6DS, AT821, ATU921, VX150 SERIES, VX151 SERIES, VX152 SERIES, VX160E SERIES, VX180 SERIES, VX230E SERIES, VX231 SERIES, VX110, VX130, VX350 SERIES, VX351, VX354, VX 410, VX420, VX424, VX800, VX820

SMA Female

KENWOOD - TK2140, TK3140, TK2160, TK3160, TK2170, TK3170, TK2180, TK3180, TK2300VP, TK3300UP, TK2302VK, TK3023UK, TK290, TK390, TK3173, TK5210G, TK5310G, TK5220, TK5320, TK2406M, TK2407M, TK2100, TK2200, TK2300, TK2400, TK2402, TK3400, TK3402

SMA Female (Motorola)

MOTOROLA - CP040, CP140, CP150, CP160, CT150, DP3400, DP3600, GP350, GP900, GTX800, MT100, MT1000, MT6000E, MT2000, MTS2000, MTX8000, MTX850LS, MTX9000

SMA Female (Vertex)

VERTEX - EVX531, EVX534, EVX539, VX451, VX454, VX459, VX720

Comparison of the SMA-F for generic Chinese (left), and SMA-F for Motorola. The Chinese SMA center core and pin is recessed from the threaded lip, the other one is flush:

Motorola Case connectors. The two left antennas are stock Motorola: SMA-F, and MX. The right antenna is a Smiley SMA-F for Chinese radios. Note the difference.

Comparison of the SMA-F and the SMA-M (for Yaesu) base connectors:

Generic Antenna to Handheld Portable Radios Identification Chart
Connector (Antenna) Connector (Radio)
SMA Male Antenna Connector (Standard)
SMA Male (Standard)
SMA Female Radio Connector (Standard)
SMA Female (Standard)
SMA Female Antenna Connector (Standard)
SMA Female (Standard, see Note #1)
SMA Male Radio Connector (Standard)
SMA Male (Standard)
SMA Male Antenna Connector (Motorola/Vertex)
SMA Male (Motorola/Vertex Standard)
SMA Female Radio Connector (Motorola/Vertex)
SMA Female (Motorola/Vertex Standard)
SMA Female Antenna Connector (Motorola/Vertex)
SMA Female (Motorola/Vertex Standard)
SMA Male Radio Connector (Motorola/Vertex)
SMA Male (Motorola/Vertex Standard)
J Male Antenna Connector
J Male
J Female Radio Connector
J Female