Hytera TC610 (VHF)

We've added some of the Hytera brand of radio models to allow clients to choose from a brand that is considered to be the high end of the offshore manufactured radios. Hytera ranks as the second largest global radio terminal manufacturer with a market share of 12.6%. The company's head office is in Shenzhen, China. In June 2007, Hytera acquired Marketronics Corporation, now known as Hytera America, Inc., located in Miramar, Florida. Hytera's products are developed at three development sites in total. One of the development sites is located in Bad M√ľnder, Germany. In March 2012 Hytera acquired the German company Rohde & Schwarz Professional Mobile Radio GmbH from the German electronics group Rohde & Schwarz, which is now known as Hytera Mobilfunk. In addition, there are Hytera subsidiaries in the USA, UK, Canada, and Spain. Hytera is often referred to as Motorola's main competitor. This is not without reason, Motorola has brought claims against Hytera, alleging that the defendant misappropriated Motorola trade secrets to develop their two-way radios, and the US has also claimed Hytera's influence in the satellite comm's industry could jeapordize national security.

This Hytera TC610 is packaged with an additional 2000mAh battery pack. It has the same features as the TC508 except it is Mil-Spec, meaning the case is more rugged and waterproof. It is targeted as either a lead guide unit, or can be used as a tailgunner or client radio for ski operations, or for field staff site radios: similar in purpose to the TYT TC-3000A radios. These models have FCC approval.

These are 16 channel radios, to address the need for a user to travel between diverse demographics and switch zones on the radio, we have created a number of Zone Frequency Packs.

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