Zone Frequency Packs

Many prospective peripatetic buyers shy away from purchasing a simple and economical analog 16 channel radio because they travel through a number of different areas each season. They find that the Zone feature of the DMR radios is appealing, and 16 channels is not enough when compared to the 2000 that are possible in a DMR radio. However, you may not want a GPS built into your radio, or require dual-band, or digital capability. There is a solution to this dilemma.

It is this: you have a frequency file stored on your computer for each area that you commonly go to, and pre-program the radio for that area before you depart. To do this, you need to have a Windows computer, and programming cable that is compatible with your specific model of radio.

The Zone Frequency Packs allow the owner of a 16 channel VHF radio to change frequencies to match the zone they are going to be in. The concept is to pre-program your radio with the appropriate zone from the Pack before you leave for the new area. If you need to make changes in the field, it will require a laptop computer running Windows. These frequencies are for users who are qualified to use them. Each pack is specific to a radio model, delivered electronically, requires the appropriate software (included with the purchase of your radio), (software is only compatible with Windows OS), and the correct cable (optional with the purchase of your radio).

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