Tuned 5/8 SLIM DUCK's

This is the antenna that started it all. Built by Smiley antennas in the USA for SAR, military, firefighting, police, etc., it is what we started with, and is at the core of our IPX6 line. This antenna is why the performance characteristics of the IPX6 antennas demonstrate some of the best VSWR and forward power ratios of any rubber duck on the market. While the IPX6 line is made more rugged, it does not have any better performance characteristics than these. So for recreational users that are not hard on their antennas in the field like professional specialists are, this antenna is a very good cost saving option. When ordering, be sure to specify which center tune point you want this tuned to in the notes of the order form.

Available Center tune points (the antenna's optimum range for transmit where VSWR is below 3, is 5 MHz on each side of this point):
- 140
- 145
- 150
- 155
- 160
- 165
- 170
- 175

Our Antenna Playlist on Youtube: Click this link.

USA Customers: If you are located in the USA, and you are not ordering any of our specialized items such as the IPX6 antennas, counterpoise adapters, or radios, and you just want one or more of these Smiley antennas, then you are best to order direct from the Smiley website, which you can reach by clicking on the antenna image in the right side bar.