Chest Harness (Chinese copy of Conterra) $29.95 USD

This harness comes with the functionality and form factor of the Conterra at 1/3 of the price.

chest harness

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Review Date: May 30, 2018

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Waterproof Case, $9.95 USD

Can be worn as chest mount, or detach the straps for carry in pack with or without antenna attached. Note, the 150mHZ IPX6 antenna is a tight fit ('A' Pack), but the 'B' Pack antennas fit.

Carry Case

These simple nylon cases are suitable for belt carry on your hip. Offers basic protection for your radio when in our out of your pack: from bumps, scratches, and falling off your belt when attached with just the belt clip that comes with the radio. The side strap is not so tight that it causes the PTT to accidentaly transmit. The clips are for an included chest strap that is not very ergonomic, so we generally clip our keys on them. (Other than not liking to have a rubber duck penetrate my brain via my nostril when I crash, or grounding my antenna against my body to render useless Tx propagation, I also don't chest carry my radio because I prefer to not subject my thoractic cavity to unknown doses of RF radiation, (at my age I need every advantage I can get)).

The primary belt loop is well implemented in that you can feed your belt through a non-detachable loop that is hard sew on, or you can unsnap and lift a second tab that fastens with Velcro and a snap grommet. This second option works well for attaching the case to fixed objects or straps, and should provide a relatively secure attachment system until the velcro and snap weaken with age.