Warranty and returns:

All hardware items are backed by their respective factory warranties in addition to the following depot warranty:  An item that is DOA (dead on arrival) due to a factory defect, will be replaced if we are notified within 24 hours of receipt, and then shipped back to us within 24hrs of our issuance of an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) (holidays and weekends excepted).   Any item that fails within 30 days of receipt, if found to be factory defective, may be repaired, replaced or repaired.  After 30 days, defective items may be returned to the manufacturer at the buyer's discretion.  We do not cross ship replacements.  With the exception of DOA items, buyer is responsible for all shipping charges. In the event a refund is issued (other than DOA), the refunded amount will be less shipping charges and less a 10% restocking fee. There is no warranty for software or labour.

All radios are tested before shipment to guard against DOA. External or internal evidence of damage from impact or moisture (unless item is IXP7 rated), or opening the case, will void any form of warranty.

Repair: If we receive an out of warranty item, we will assess if the item is repairable and notify the client of the cost before undertaking any work. Repair will begin once payment is made. If the repair does not work, then the payment will be refunded (or may be applied toward a replacement is so desired), and the buyer has the option to have the defective item(s) returned at his expense.

Note: When we switched from selling radios manufactured in Japan and USA, to radios manufactured in China, our sales increased the first year by a factor of 10, then a factor of 20 the following year. Clearly what was responsible for that increase was price. We had to suppply the demand, or go out of business and let everyone turn to Amazon and deal directly with the Chinese sellers that maintain Amazon storefronts. Even the above warranty policy, while not as comprehensive as that given with North American or Japanese manufactured products, is head and shoulders above what is offered by Amazon sellers. The reason for the warranty limitations is simple, as a seller, the Chinese manufacturers basically give us no warranty, but if the radios is sent back to them at our expense, they will often repair it and then send it back again if the client pays return shipping. The radios that are on this site represent the highest quality that we can source from China, and therefore, unlike brands like Baofeng, the cost of shipping these radios back and forth might be less than buying a new one.