A superior and low cost rugged and durable UHF alternative to popular 'bubble-pack' radios because of some enhanced features. These are programmable so the user can use their own private channel.. This unit is a good choice for use by a ski partner, tailgunner, or another group operating near you that you need to keep in touch with. Transmit range can be substantially enhanced with the addition of optional after market antennas such as the UHF Stubby, 1/4 Wave UHF duck, or the telescoping tri-band 270A antenna.

  • Weight: 140g
  • Can be charged via USB or charging cradle (included)
  • SMA-F antenna base
  • 2W transmit power
  • User Programmable (400-470 MHz, standard Windows programming cable)
  • 16 channels
  • LED flashlight
  • various privacy options including scrambler
  • Includes 1200mAh battery, stock antenna, charger, and belt clip.