We don't use 2 watt radios very often. But the TYT TC-568 2W UHF programmable radio is handy for users that need a 'tailgunner' unit. Tailgunner's are typically within line of sight, and are not far way from the main guide.

As seen in our previous videos, we found that with the TC-568, the stock antenna can give you a range of up to 4km at 2 watts. After recently getting a shipment of Smiley UHF stubby ducks, and re-designing our UHF counterpoise to increase capacitance, I was curious to see what difference it might make to the range of the radio if we replaced the stock antenna with a proper center tuned aftermarket antenna, in this case the Smiley UHF Stubby duck.

Before we got started with the field test, I went to the bench and had a look at standing wave radios for this antenna with/and without, counterpoise. For this I used a vector network analyser to establish some metrics that would serve to give substance to my expectations for the subsequent field test.

Those expectations were exceeded when I found the small little stubby duck more than doubled the line of sight range of the stock antenna on 2 watts. The results seemed conclusive enough that going forward, I will not hesitate to recommend that model for all tailgunner applications. The further need for counterpoise would depend on individual circumstances where signal strength and quality needed to be extended as far as possible.