The Hasty Repeater: A portable multi mode repeater.


  • Type approved hardware
  • Can function as a full duplex or cross band repeater:
    - Can uplink to existing repeaters to extend the coverage range.
    - Can be used as a stand alone repeater
  • Low power consumption
  • Light weight and small form factor for rapid deployment during emergencies
  • Powered from internal and external power sources
  • Strong Antenna mast
  • Solar Power option


• Frequency Range: VHF 136-174, UHF 400-480
• Channels: 200
• Power: VHF 1W/5W, UHF 1W/4W
• Approx Weight: 6Kg
• Internal battery: 7Ah LiFePO4
• Power consumption: approx 100mAh on standby, 700mAh on receive, 2A on transmit
•Antennas: 2

This design is intended for groups that need a rapid deployment repeater to sit in place for a finite window of time, for example while they are skiing, climbing or carrying out SAR activities of a broad area that exceeds the capabilities of their hand held radios. Can be used to connect to existing repeaters when field HT's are just out of range, or a stand alone repeater when no other repeaters are available.

The Hasty Repeater is contained in a waterproof case that can be locked and staked down and can be placed on the ground at base camp, on a ridge or other high point of ground and left for a designated period time. Has a self contained Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) 12V battery pack, and an external power connection. The Hasty Repeater can also function as a permanent repeater by using solar panels and AGM battery, and can be built in versions that can output from 5 to 50 Watts.