Li-Ion Cells: Chargers

OEM Chargers $10.95 USD (single or dual bay)

The OEM chargers are for charging the 18650 cells for the headlamps and other 18650 powered devices. There is a single bay charger, and a dual bay charger. They both draw from the same power source, so the single cell charger will charge 1 cell faster than the dual will charge 2. Also you cannot mix cells of different capacity in the dual cell charger. They have built in protection circuits and are a good quality charger, cells do not overheat in them. We mounted ours on a wall for convenience.

Using Li Ion chargers: One tip in the forums is to not leave the room while you are charging Li Ion cells. Someone else mentioned doing it outside. Well outside may not work so well if you live in an apartment or in winter, but if you have a barbecue on your deck or balcony or back yard perhaps it could. Just run an extension cord over to the BBQ and charge it in there, close the lid if there is precipitation or curious ravens about. In summer, if you have a fireplace, you could place your charger in there as well and if the charger vents or catches on fire the smoke and toxic fumes go up the chimney.

For your safety:
1) ALWAYS monitor the charge, never charge overnight. This leaves out slow chargers.

2) Check the voltage before and after charging of all cells with a qualiy DMM.

3) Don't use Li-Ion multi-cell lights that have Li-Ion cells in series. (Or if you use multi-cell lights, all the cells should be protected type, must be identical twins, and have to be 'balance charged' in a charger that is capable of doing 'balance charging'). Another option to consider for lights that require cells in series configuration would be LiFePO4 cells.