Ember 14

This light was added for those that want light weight and prefer to carry AA cells, although for maximum lumen output you'll need to use a 4.2V Li-Ion 14500 cell, or a 3.6V LiFePO4 AA cell.

If this is the only light you are carrying as your EDC in your pack, it still produces a respectable 650 lumens on high, although you'd only get less than an hour on that mode dependending on battery.

Note: This light is built in 3 sections. Do not separate the head section from the tube or the driver may fall out, just unscrew the tailcap to replace batteries. Stock is limited on these (see note below) and we can keep the price low by not offering a warranty (however light is tested and guaranteed to be as advertised for spec, and not to arrive DOA or it will be preplaced).

Special Build 1: $39.95

We have created a build using the T3 warm white emitter with a CRI value of >80 for specific use of patient assessment or close proximity searches around last seen points. When looking at patient skin tones for cyanosis or doing a cap refill test for example, you'll note a significant difference between the T3 emitter and any other emitter with a higher BIN but lower CRI. The T3 emitter does not produce as many lumens as the T4, but will greatly facilitate the ability for you to do your patient assessment, or identify the presence of pointer items in a search area accurately and with greater ease. In fact this tint also is simply more pleasant around camp for chores, or reading, etc. Whenever we are just on a short day trip this light is in our pack along with the VHF radio where the AA cells from the radio's battery pack can be used to power the light if required for an unexpected nocturnal delay.

Special Build 2: $39.95

T5 XM-L2 build for maximum lumens while still being able to use a regular AA cell OR a 14500 4.2V Lithium-Ion battery. As well instead of a reflector, a 25 degree precise optical lens is installed for a wide but very smooth efficient beam and spill. Gives about 650 lumens when using a Li-Ion battery, and about 450 lumens with a AA Energizer Lithium. Can also use alkaline or NiMh rechargeables, meaning it can come in very handy if you need to rob some batteries for it from another device, or vise-versa. This is a good EDC light as it is very light so you hardly notice it's in your pocket, but gives a respectible length of throw while still providing a wide area of illumination with a very evenly spread beam due to the special optical lens.