Imalent EMT16

The EMT16 is another tool designed with the Search and Rescue community in mind. It looks like it may also be a good candidate for Mountain Biking due to the ability to mount it in a Weaver Mount and place it on a Picatinny Rail (as pictured above), and control it remotely. What makes this product useable is an IPX rating, and unique, is a remote control, and an LCD Control panel. Imalent has sent us one for evaluation and review. As our evaluation unit did not have a battery in the remote, we have to wait until we can find out what sort of battery it uses. We will undertake field testing in the real world over the next few weeks, and complete a review here at that time. In the meantime, here are a few first impressions.

The quality of build is on par with all the top name brands such as Fenix, Spark, etc. (No fingerprints on the reflector makes for a good first impression). A mid point fulcrum seems to be achieved with the insertion of the battery, which gives it a reasonable balance in the hand. While the sliding scale on the Touch Screen is of questionable usefulness at this point, we do see the Remote as having some potential for Search and Rescue, skiing, and mountain biking, and the red laser dot may turn out to be useful when the light is mounted in a picatinny rail for use by Human-Wildlife Conflict specialists who use shotguns and Airsoft equipment for deployment of rubber bullets and chalk balls when working with problem wildlife (we will be testing this aspect).

Another interesting concept with the remote, is the question of whether we may be able to control the light with a dual band radio set to transmit various CTCSS or DTMF tone codes. While the initial review linked above indicates the remote is set on 433.5 mHz, and Imalent has told us it is controlled with DTMF codes, testing on our unit seems to indicate that it is somewhere in the 220mHz band, and indeed we have had no luck trying to control it with a radio transmitting DTMF tones on 433.5mHz.

Please check back here soon if you are interested in more details on this light.

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  • Airsoft Mount
    Airsoft Mount
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