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Spark SD52 Headlamp This package includes all available options: extra spot reflector, tripod adapter, mag mount adapter, belt clip, and headband, which makes it competative with eBay and other Asian sellers.. (NW model is exact same size as 'CW'). Uses 2 AA cells and has an intelligent circuit which allows you to insert batteries in either polarity direction as long as there is one negative and one positive sticking up. When mounted on head with NiMh batteries weighs 120gm. Length:62mm, Width:33mm.

This light is also for weight conscious users at 75gm when in your pack with no battery. Like all the SD series if you look at the heat dissipation fins you'll note they are contour cut at their base to follow the battery compartment - efficent for cooling but also saves on excessive weight. There are no flimsy plastic hinges that easily break or encourage gravitational forces to slowly pivot the beam toward the ground. The center strap also mitigates beam stability.

What sets the SD series apart are the options for accessorizing them. Included with the light are a pocket clip, and a magnetic pad that screws onto one end, allowing the light to be attached to any ferro magnetic surface. Even more significant is the optional screw on reflector. By removing the bezel from the front of the headlamp you can screw the reflector in, and change the beam from a 115 degree flood to an 18 degree spot with a range of 120m. This feature is what made this series an outstanding choice for backcountry use: flood wall for camping or rescue work, forward looking spot beam with spill for travel or evacuation. A tripod adapter, magnetic mount adapter and pocket/belt clip are standard with our SD

Special Build: The SAR Version

We have created a build using an XM-L2 warm white emitter with a high CRI value of >80 for specific use of patient assessment or close proximity searches around last seen points. This mod is available for all the SD series. We picked the SD as the most suitable lights for this mod due to the ability to use the flood lens during searches, rescues, or for just camping. When looking at patient skin tones for cyanosis or doing a cap refill test for example, you'll note a significant difference between the 6A3 binnned emitter we're currently using for this mod, and any other emitter with a higher BIN but lower CRI. This emitter does not produce as many lumens as the T5 normally used in the stock Spark, but it is still pretty good and will greatly facilitate the ability for you to do your patient assessment, or identify the presence of pointer items in a search area accurately and with greater ease. In fact this tint also is simply more pleasant around camp for chores, or reading, etc. When clipped to your hip belt with the flood lens it does a remarkable job of improving your situational awareness when hiking, scrambling, or skiing as well. Whenever we are just on a short day trip this light is in our pack along with the VHF radio where the AA cells from the radio's battery pack can be used to power the light if required for an unexpected nocturnal delay. Just pick the SAR Option on the picklist on the 'Submit Order' page to choose this option. Quantities are limted, so allow one week lead time to do this mod.

Best use scenario...

You are a 'AA' man. So you would choose this light over the SD73 if you want to use AA cells instead of AAA cells. By so doing, if using LSD batteries (E.G. Recyko) you gain about 20 minutes of time on the Super mode and about 35 minutes more at Max mode. WIth 2 NiMh AA cells this light is not as bright as the SD73 with 3 AAA NiMh cells. Note however that you can get maximum brightness from this model by using LiFePO4 AA cells (this light will not go into 'Super' mode with NiMh cells, you need LiFePO4 or protected 14550 Li-Ion cells). You can also get maximum brightness by using one Li-Ion 14500 cell paired with a dummy cell. You get the least run time capacity with the LiFePO4. In Max mode using 1 Coolook 700mAh LiFePO4 AA cell with a dummy cell we got 57 minutes, and a very respectable1.75 hrs with 2 Coolook AA cells (no dummy) before the headlamp shut the circuit down at 2.4v*. Using AA Recyko cells we got 2.3 hours of run time. You would get the same run time for one 14500 Li-Ion cell as you would the LiFePO4 cells. Following are the published runtimes for AA Enloop cells in the SD52 as published by Spark:

*Super: 280lm/1.5hours

Max: 200lm/1.9hours

Med2: 70lm/7hours

Med1: 12lm/43hours

Low: 0.5lm/50days

We would recommend that you pre-load this light with 1 LiFePO4 cell, and one dummy cell. Or, if you are carrying this light with your Wouxun radio, you could carry this light empty and use the Frankenstein pack in the Wouxun as the source for your battery and dummy cell. Now you get maximun weight advantage as well as maximum power from both your light and radio. Remember you are not limited to these devices either, if you use one LiFePO4 cell and one dummy cell this combo can take the place of 2 AA cells in your beacon, GPS, etc. In our Spark SD52 we have come to find that our preferred battery setup is to use one Nitecore or Sanyo 14500 cell​​, and one dummy placeholder cell. It has the advantage of getting more lumens from the light, carrying half as many backup batteries, and less weight per cell.