Fenix TK76:

The TK76 is the newest 'Team' lighting tool from Fenix. It will be released after final testing in the near future. Due to the nature of this light, and our specialization of supporting Search and Rescue and Mountaineering activities, Fenix asked us to test this model and provide feedback. After playing with it, we asked the eccentric but talented specialist Tom Sellers to complete a more comprehensive review, which follows:

My first encounter with the TK76 was when word spread on the flashlight forums that Fenix was releasing a new light for evaluation and feedback by select members of the 'flashaholic' community. It seemed that a prevalent forum comment was, "what an ugly light". I was a bit bemused by the prevalence of that comment by so many people who had never had this tool in their possession. My lighting tools do not require great 'curb appeal' to be effective at what they do. I simply want them to address a need - and do it better than anything else available. When given the opportunity to evaluate the TK76 on behalf of Mountain Parameters, I thought it would only be fair to use that as the benchmark by which I would evaluate this latest prototype from Fenix. My mentor of all things metaphysical and AT Ski related, Harold A., persistently encouraged me to be a seat of the pants specialist withal. Therefore, there are comprehensive beam and tint comparison photos, but there will not be any graphs and charts in this, my first humble (but never obsequious), equipment review.

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