Spark Full option package:
-460NW (XM-L2) $108.98 + Free Shipping

This package is the upgraded XM-L2 emitter, and includes all available options: extra spot reflector, tripod adapter, mag mount adapter, belt clip, and headband, which makes it cheaper than eBay and other Asian sellers. This is the light that rounds out the SD series and suits someone interested in greater light output than the SD 52: about 1.6-1.7x more than the AA can provide because of the output from the 18650 Li-Ion battery, for the same weight and 30% more length. When you adopt this light you lose the convenience associated with AA cells in favour of more light for a longer time. A feature common to all the SD series is the optional screw on reflector. By removing the bezel from the front of the headlamp you can screw the reflector in, and change the beam from a 115 degree flood to an 18 degree spot with a range of 120m. A tripod adapter, magnetic mount adapter and pocket/belt clip are standard with our SD package.

Special Build: The SAR Version

We have created a build using an XM-L2 warm white emitter with a high CRI value of >80 for specific use of patient assessment or close proximity searches around last seen points. This mod is available for all the SD series. We picked the SD as the most suitable lights for this mod due to the ability to use the flood lens during searches, rescues, or for just camping. When looking at patient skin tones for cyanosis or doing a cap refill test for example, you'll note a significant difference between the 6A3 binnned emitter we're currently using for this mod, and any other emitter with a higher BIN but lower CRI. This emitter does not produce as many lumens as the T5 normally used in the stock Spark, but it is still pretty good and will greatly facilitate the ability for you to do your patient assessment, or identify the presence of pointer items in a search area accurately and with greater ease. In fact this tint also is simply more pleasant around camp for chores, or reading, etc. When clipped to your hip belt with the flood lens it does a remarkable job of improving your situational awareness when hiking, scrambling, or skiing as well. Just pick the SAR Option on the picklist on the 'Submit Order' page to choose this option. Quantities are limted, so allow one week lead time to do this mod.

Best use scenario...

For biking we run it on medium mode and strap this facing down under the crossbar with the flood lens so it illuminates the chain ring and rear deraileur.

Most flashaholics agree that it is safe to use unprotected 18650 batteries in single cell lights such as the SD6, but they should never be used in lights that place them in series; for that you need to use protected cells. Both protected and unprotected cells and chargers are available in our battery section. Spark is know to be conservative relative to the other brands with official beam throw distances for spot. They rate this lamp at 120 meters when using the spot reflector. The SD6 has the same Lumen power as the ST6, but due to a shorter reflector, has a more floody beam (120 degrees) than the ST6 (104 degrees). However, the optional screw in lens adapter for the SD6 changes the beam to 80 degrees. Our subjective impressions of the wavelength are that the SD6-NW wavelength is a cooler white than the ST6-NW tint.

Batteries: The SD6 will not accept the special longer 69.2mm 3400mah Panasonic protected cells, but will accept all the other standard 67.2 mm protected cells such as the Spark 3100 and 2600 mah cells. It will accept all unprotected cells.

Battery times: (add 15% to the lumen estimate for the XM-L2 emitter)

*Super: 460lm/1.8hours

Max: 200lm/3.5hours

Med2: 70lm/12hours

Med1: 12lm/120hours

Low: 0.5lm/90days