Bike Mountable Lights

Spark SDB100 dual beam 1200lm bike light:

 The light is a ‘dual beam’ system and was introduced at the 24hrs of Adrenalin Race in Canada in July 2013. The green button turns on the low beam, and ramps it through three intensity levels. The yellow button does the same with the high beam. Each on highest intensity can achieve 600lm for a total of 1200lm if both are on. The light does not auto dim so relies on active cooling. There is auto step down with an indicator light for low voltage. When it turns blue it will soon step down, red flashing means low battery.

Best use scenario...

Professional competitive bike racing.

Spark SL6S-NW (XM-L2)Flashlight: $99.00


We picked this model from Spark's flashlight line because it fit our first criteria of needing a 25mm shaft so it could fit into standard mounts such as the Picatinny rails (commonly found on helmets and firearms), some headband mounts, and bicycle mounts. This facilitates its use in conjunction with any of the headlamps by side mounting it either on a bump helmet using a Weaver flashlight mount and Picatinny rail, or headband, or on a headband alone using a Nitecore headband's loops. It also fit the second criteria of using a single 18650 cell and lots of light at 850 lumens on Turbo, and it's light enough at 76g (with battery) that you won't break your neck. It is waterproof and reverse polarity protected - final considerations when it comes to ultimate useability when your attention needs to be focused on more improtant matters, like surviving, keeping someone else alive, or staying alive yourself. This is an item for true professionals who's living depends on their gear, who demand the highest quality obtainable, who know that you get what you pay for. At 10X more than a hobby light from Costco, it may be not be of interest to weekend recreationalists who are not trained or participate in avalanche rescue or multi day backcountry trips.

This light is upgraded from their previous XM-L model and uses the XM-L2 emitter which yields 850 lumens of neutral white on its highest setting (see emitter comparison on sidebar). It has 1 side mounted switch. This configuration allows maximum operational flexibility for activating the light's functions given the various mounting configurations it may be used in.

On 'High' mode at 10 meters (goes brighter on Turbo):

Best use scenario...

Use side mounted in conjunction with a headlamp to get flood and spot.

For a DIY project with your existing helmet, $5.00-$15.00 picatinny rail kits can be purchased from Hong Kong eBay sellers with free shipping:

Examples of $5.00 - $15.00 Weaver flashlight mounts for a Picatinny rail. Most require either a light with a 25mm (1") shaft or a 30mm shaft. There are lots of different styles, including articulating and multi position designs available from Hong Kong sellers on eBay: