Convoy M1

(Pictured M1 with optional Tritium VIals and belt clip)

Designed with passive cooling fins for good thermal management, it has a compact size and light weight suitable for mounting on bike handlebars. We could not find a torch that had these design characteristics that we wanted: high CRI value in a neutral white tint, large 20mm copper based emitter (most lights in this category have a smaller 16mm aluminum base which does not heatsink nearly as well) for maximum heat dissipation, and driven hard at 3 amps for maximum lumens, so we build them. Because of this, this is the only place you are going to find this model that is purpose built for Search and Rescue type activities.

Best use scenario...

Fog, rain, snow, dust. Beamshot of the T4:

Beamshot of Spark SL6 NW for comparison:

Beamshot of the cooler T6 emitter in a Convoy M2:

M1: Tritium with belt clip $89.00.

This is the light for the elite of the pro's. The tritium vials are the same as used in the gun sights of Special Forces. The vials are glued in with UV adhesive, the same as used for repairing car windshields, so it does not discolor when exposed to UV like epoxy does. The emitter is an XM-L2 high CRI T4 6A1 drawing 3amps mounted on a 21mm copper MCPCB for maximum heat sinking. This light is designed for the best possible combination of tint and throw for searching and patient assessment. The belt clip makes it easier to clip onto equipment, and the light tail stands. The irony in this light is the price, you can pay 4X more for a brand name, and still not come even close to what this light offers.