Spark SL6S 740NW (XM-L2) $99.00

(Upgraded model) LED:XM-L2 T5 emitter, 5B1 tint - neutral white with high CRI value.

This is presently our favourite EDC flashlight. We use it at work and in the backcountry. The quality and form factor give this light a lot of curb appeal. It has the side mounted switch that uses a ramping driver. There is no tailcap switch which saves on weight and size. It somes with a pouch, and a belt clip. The cooling fins work very well and we never have any heat issues when using in the field.



Premium grade aluminum alloy machined body with hard anodized finishing

Impact resistance Lens with 98% transparency

Also available, Solarforce P1, $29.95 (Demo Model)