Carbon Felt

Carbon Felt is an incredible material. At work we have a '911' chair at dispatch that has a porous seat with a cabon felt underlay, use your imagination as to the 'why' behind that concept for such a chair.

You can saturate it with fuel, and the fuel will burn, but the felt will not. It shields from heat very well, making it a superior insulator. It is very light. In our world it mainly serves as wicking for stoves (and hand warmers perhaps), pot holders, wind screens, and anything else your imagination can dream up. (It feels so soft and comfortable to the touch and neutralizes odors, I'm considering multi-day base-layer underwear!).

We have pieces of 1 sq ft for $20.00 USD, which is a good size for making pot and cup cozy. Custom sizing available on request to address your specific project needs, submit your requirements for a quote.