Platinum Catalyst Springs

This short clip demonstrates a better way to get your Zippo, Peacock, Jon-e or generic Chinese handwarmer head rebuilt with OEM Platinum Catalyst using a spring. It's best to find a spring that has the following properties:
1: Spring diameter about the same as the catalyst head
2: Length slightly longer then the head so it will compress enough to hold itself in the head, but not so much it strangles the catalyst.
3: Anti corrosive composition.
4: Coil Diameter not too thick to ensure maximum catalyst exposure to vaporized fumes.

The spring helps measure an optimal proportion of catalyst for the size of the head, and stops it from falling or poking out of the head. It needs to be able to compress enough to hold itself in place, but not so much that the coils are compressed too the point they obstruct the flow of vapours and oxygen to the catalyst.

In these examples, the catalyst is compressed tightly, which means the exothermic reaction produces less heat that when a pad is placed into the head, which allows for more surface area. The trade-off for more heat is less material stability in the head, so it may need to be replaced more often. I find I prefer to have some heads that are packed with springs, and others that are not so I can choose which one to take based on outside temperatures, how long I will be out, and the activity.