Knives Being added:

Over the past year we have been accumulating a lot of knives and tools for different purposes. Of the Asian made knives, about 10% of them stand out as being a combination of very good value, good build quality, and suitable for a purpose. Some of the items we can recommend will be listed here.

Scissors: lightweight, Thrum style, as per our first aid kits. Weight: 17g Price: $4.95

SRM Folding Knife. Small with a 68mm 57HRC+ SS blade this is well made and lightweight. The blade lock mechanism is our favourite style for cold weather use: axis lock. Weight: 65g Price: $16.95

Dual blade: For those times when you are might be needing a serrated blade for cutting rope, etc. Blades are 52mm. Weight: 90g Price: $16.95

Tweezers w/ LED light (as per our first aid kits): $5.00 Weight 18g

Small Multi-Tool: $13.95 Weight: 87g. We carry the Leatherman Skeletool because often we need pliers, and it is one of the lightest Leatherman tools at 144g. We like we can adjust the bindings by using bits (after you make your own 1/4" extension or buy the expensive OEM one). However it still lacks a serrated blade, and scissors. With this you get lightweight and you get your pliers and 2 blades. If you have the scissors in your first aid kit, and you don't need posi bits for binding adjustment, this will get you by. Build quality is very good, and comes with sheath. Note the size of this is small at 73mm long.

Kershaw Floding knife w/ partial serrated blade and 1/4" driver: $24.95, Weight: 144g. This knife gives you a respectable blade length with serrations, and the ability to use standard 1/4" driver bits. If you don't need the pliers, then this is the multi tool to consider.

More items coming soon: Fixed blade knives, etc.