One of the big downsides to liquid fuel handwarmers is the stench of the naphtha fuel. Carbon being carbon of course, it makes sense that the carbon felt does help with the odor, but does not completely eliminate it. Substances derived from alcohols, aldehyde's, ketone's and esters are often thrown in to mask the smell, but with low flash points and low integration, they are not ideal and may affect the catalyst. Because naphtha is a hydrocarbon, it's better to add an aromatic hydrocarbon to naphtha with a view to deodorizing it while not insulting the catalyst.

Our deodorizer is a proprietary natural blend of extraordinary terpenes derived from essential oil. When used as directed, this gives substance to a barely detectable, non-perfumy, earthy deodorizing minty scent. For use with liquid fuel for handwarmers. Yield approx 320 handwarmer recharges.

Terpenes are aromatic hydrocarbons, which makes them ideal for deodorizing liquid fuel hand warmers. They can be used without harming the catalyst, or obstructing the exothermic reaction. The blend we have formulated used mint and linalool terpenes. Linalool is present in Lavender and Basil, and these selections have a higher flash point than other aromatic compounds that may be commonly considered. The resultant earthy scent is not perfumy and does not get obnoxious like after shave scents can be.