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Handwarmer Item Details.

Here is a description of some of the items that can presently be ordered. To actually order any of these items, or see everything currently available, click on the 'Order Form Link' on the right side of this page.

  • Springs : empty springs or springs pre-filled with platinum catalyst (see video)

  • Platinum Catalyst Pad 1.25 sq inch (1"x1.25"): Yield 2 head rebuilds. Comes packed in plastic case)
  • 2 carbon felt strips
    Springs and Carbon Felt strips
  • Naptha Deodorizer 15ml, or 30ml
  • S-Boston Handwarmer, upgraded w/ Carbon Felt barrier strip, and extra catalyst pad. (Colors are random and may be black or red, batteries not included). 
  • Rebuilt Butterfly Handwarmer (Made in China, new, random colors) - Carbon felt strip, USA Catalyst spring in head.  

If you want to order any of these items now, please click this link. This takes you to an order form that collects order information, but no payment is required yet. When we receive the order, you are sent a total, and payment instructions which you can follow if you wish to proceed with your order. Payment for Canadian orders is via Interac, for US and International, via Paypal.

After the form is submitted, we will send you an invoice and payment instructions, which are dependant on your location.

You will then receive a bill and payment instructions. Quote is valid for 24 hours. We cannot set aside stock indefinetly, and stock of some items is limited. Do not make payment after 24 hours has passed (72 hours Fri-Sunday)

For orders where weight of all items exceeds 200G, shipping will be adjusted and submitted to buyer for consideration prior to purchase.

After you have remitted payment, you will receive a shipping image of your package before it is reliquished to Canada Post.