Top Lit UpDraft (TLUD) Wood Stove:

TLUD Woodstove technology started to gain attention of backpackers when a Canadian started to make them and evolved their design. Being handmade, they have to sell for $125.00 (they also use a lighter gauge of SS, so they are lighter weight). When it started to take off, an unscrupulous entrepreneur took the unpatented design and started to mass produce them in China and retail them for around $70.00. Using shill practices on Amazon he was able to leverage their success so well, the Chinese noted this and started to market the same stove, made in the same factory of course, with just the logo missing, and sell the better upgraded ones for $45.00 USD. So there is a bit of justice here in that while the Canadian is not benefiting from this, at least the guy that ripped him off now knows how it feels. The Canadian is now working on a Titanium model. If you're serious about getting and using a TLUD Stove full time, we'd advise you consider going that route for the best quality. However if you cannot afford it, or just want to try them first to see if they work for you and therefore are considering one of the Chinese models, we've got some here.


Best use scenario...

We use one for day trips in winter. Our alcohol stove does not work well all by itself for melting large amounts of snow, nor do regular canister stoves (but this, combined with an alcohol stove makes for a very efficient solution). Plus we hate hauling around partly used fuel canisters and really do not appreciate how wasteful they are for the environment. One of the downsides of the Wood Burner, wet fuel, is mitigated in winter, as it is never wet. Another downside, the weight, is offset by the fact you do not need to carry any fuel. If you stop for lunch and build a windbreak around your lunch pit using your poles and a Sill Tarp, the TLUD makes the space kind of cozy and provides some warmth. The last downside is location: you need a source of fuel, so you would not be using this in the Alpine.