Fire Maple Titanium Cookware

Chances are, you have never heard of Fire Maple. But if you use cookware or cannister gas stoves purchased from MEC, REI, etc., you are probably using a Fire Maple product. That's because Fire Maple manufactures OEM stoves and cookware, and private label's for most of the brand names you see on the shelves at the top equipment specialist outlets.

This set consists of a 1L pot + 0.6L pot + 0.3L fry pan/lid and weighs 300g in total. That would be the equivalent of paying $30.00 per piece of Titanium cookware, which beats the North American pricing found on comparable aluminum items. Unlike competing pot sets such as the MSR that uses a hinged handle with plastic pieces that are not durable, this set does not contain any fragile plastic components to melt, crack, burn, or break down on you under harsh field operating conditions.