8X25 Monocular

After buying a half dozen different models, we thought we'd have to give up and in desperation, buy the Bear Grylls unit, which we weren't keen on. Then we stumbled upon this unit. While it is $5.00 more than the Bear Grylls at MEC, it is not the same unit in that we think it is much better in every respect. These now live in our backpack, and we get good feedback from clients who have bought these.

Our requirement started with them having to be BK4 prisms and nitrogen filled.

One reason we liked these is because they have 8X magnification and solid rubber armouring and are able to close focus at 2.5m. We used to source their 10x model, but the 8x gives better low light performance. The ergonomics give it a much bettter hand hold form factor than the Bear Grylls monocular. The optics on these are sharp and clear, and they are well made.

This is what you want on hand when you are wandering down a wooded mountain trail at dusk, and up ahead you see a form that you cannot quite tell if it's a bear or a root ball.