Boot Heater Kits for ski boots:

We are working on and testing this kit, will offer it for sale as soon as we're satisfied it works well enough.

Some of the problems we've seen with the retail boot warmers:

- Cannot use your existing insoles, or come with inferior quality insoles.
- Proprietary battery packs offer limited life and expensive and hard to find battery replacement.
- Cannot swap batteries in field.
- Cannot use the batteries in other devices like your headlamp.
- Cannot charge other devices such as phone, GPS, etc., EG: use their proprietary battery packs as power packs.

The kit consists of a pair of heating elements with USB cords, and a USB power pack that takes 18650 Li-Ion cells of your choice.

The rest is up to you: it involves that you undertake a DIY project to install in your boots. Possibilities include either taping or glueing the heater elements to the bottom of your existing insoles, or buying new insoles such as 'Superfeet'. You then decide how you are going to run the cords up the inside of your boots, and up your pant leg to the battery pack.

Tenative Kit Price is expected to be (does not include batteries): $44.95
If you already have one of the USB Power packs, cost of heater elements alone is $19.95.