Rebuild Items:

Springs & Catalyst:
A kit comprised of 2 empty springs, and a catalyst pad (which could repack each spring twice). Repacking is a simple process that can be done using a pair of tweezers and is illustrated inĀ this video. (Catalyst pads and springs may also be ordered as separate items).

Carbon Felt Strips:
These strips are meant to be placed on the top of the cotton in the fuel reservoir to stop the cotton from charring. The cotton is left in the handwarmer, and one strip is inserted on top using tweezers or forceps.

Carbon Felt Pads, 30 sq inches.
This allows for the complete repack of a reservoir entirely with carbon felt, or you can make a large quantity of strips with it.

The item listed on the order form is just for this pad, springs and catalyst to repack the springs can be ordered separately.

See videos for more details and instructions on how to rebuild:

Part I:

Part II:

Old/New Fuel performance comparison;