Chikamsa Folding Saw FS-15FL $64.95

Been using this little known and hard to find Japanese arborist saw for about a year now. It has turned out to be rugged and reliable. At first we were dubious about the flourine blade as being a 'gimmick'. But as our Canadian Rockies tree species tend to contain a fair bit of sap, the impulse hardened flourine blade seems to help ease annoying binding on the push stroke (it cuts on the pull stroke). This is what we use to clear trail and collect fire wood for the TLUD stove. Quality is as good if not better than the renowned Silky saws, and costs about the same as a good Bahco saw. While we like the shorter and lighter 150mm for backpacking, it is also available in 180mm for managing larger diameters. Replacement blades available.

Curvature Blade Style
Tooth Pitch: 7.5mm.
Fluorine coating: makes blade sap-resistant. 
Ergonomic curved grip is lightweight and elastomer coating resists slipping. 
Blade locks.

Senkichi Folding Saw: $19.95

Length:165mm Width:40mm Hight:18mm / Weight:40g (Blade length is 120mm)

If you want to go ultra light, and you're on a budget, this is much better than the blade on your leatherman, and it cuts amzing well with very little blade wobble and flex, probably because the teeth cut on the pull stroke and not the push stroke. The 120mm is small and light, perefect for gathering dead branches for firewood for the TLUD stove, or general clearing and gathering or pruning. (These saws are available in sizes from 120, 150, 180, 210mm and 240mm)